Curriculum-driven Learning: Not this hour!

Students drive their own learning based on interests and passions with support from all around!

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Students have one hour a week to be free of curriculum-driven learning.  For one hour, they are are free to explore, discover, and share through self-directed learning based on their interests and passions while always having support from content specialists: art, music, science, classroom and Information Literacy Instructors.  A hybrid foundation using a modified SOLE (Self-0rganized Learning Environment (, Design Process (plan, design, check, share), Empathy 101 ( and the Mass Challenge concept ( as the guiding principal of support, will provide a culture of empathy and respect among students so they can learn from each other as they guide their own learning.


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Margo this idea is off to a great start - would love to continue to build on it. Check out this post from one of our teacher coaches, Dan Ryder, for tips on how to further ideate:

Let us know how we can help! :)

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Thanks, Alexandrea! Great post!