Cultivate what you Celebrate

When you acknowledge certain actions it affirms or cultivates that action. What if we celebrate teachers stepping out of comfort zone.

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All schools have a weekly or monthly faculty meeting.  Oftentimes they share new policies, what needs to be improved or discussions around student behavior.  Whatever you spend the most time discussing, in a way you are celebrating or encouraging that behavior.  What if each faculty meeting you  celebrate a teacher who steps out of their comfort zone?

Example:  Teacher A allows her students to design a month of lessons and teach the class.  It was a struggle to teach them how to structure a lesson and a few did not go so well, but the students felt engaged and empowered by this act of the teacher.  So we award teacher A with the Student Empowerment award and a gift card.

This simple gesture may inspire others to take chances.  


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Yes! this sets a snowball effect. Having something like a rolling "New Thinking Cap" or a monthly award would encourage the teachers to do something different.

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