Blow up the teacher space.

Teacher's stuff takes up to much space and when furniture is a boundary between teachers and students the furniture needs to go.

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I have a huge imovable demo table in the "front" of my room and behind it is a whiteboard.  Having the demo table between students and myself is more a hindrance than helpful.  I'm changing the teacher demo table and teacher desk into student workspace and changing where the "front" of the room is.  I really slimmed down on teacher stuff to give students more work and storage space.


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Hey Patrick, It seems like you are gearing up for the school year.
I like that you are solving a problem with a quick solution.
I wonder how the students would repurpose the space.
What if students are challenged to redesign the table/space to meet their needs.

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Yes! I have my desk in a corner. Making a lot of my lesson plans, worksheets, PD, etc. digital has helped cut down to just a couple file drawers and that has opened up space. Giving up most of the room to student space helps them feel in charge.

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Hi Patrick,

Great contribution! It reminds me of Lisa's post, Activate Students, where she highlights some ideas on how to help students see themselves as active creators of their own learning, a big part of which is rethinking the learning environment to make it more student friendly.

Behind both of your posts is the desire to redefine the teacher-student relationship--students not as passive recipients of information from the teacher but as active collaborators in the construction of their learning.

You should reach out to Lisa Yokana,

I'd love to see how you guys could push this idea even further! What would you add to this if you didn’t have any constraints?