The Anti-Routine Routine

In Discover, we heard that creating a routine that establishes a culture of innovation is somewhat of an oxymoron. Truly innovative cultures provide opportunities for free exploration through initiatives like 20% time and self-directed classroom groupings which defy the normal connotations of a typical teaching “routine”.

How might we create rituals and routines that break up the conventional school schedule and provide room for spontaneity? How might we normalize autonomy and ownership within schools (both for teachers and students) so that we have greater permission to explore, learn, and grow? And - how might we do this in a time constrained environment that schools often find themselves in?

Solutions in this area should focus on activities, norms, or routines that would make room for self-directed exploration and spontaneity at the classroom and school level.


    • Hacking the schedule - what are the ways you might currently innovate upon your school schedule to fit in more time for self-directed learning, at both the student and teacher level?

    • How might we disrupt routines to make room for spontaneity?

    • School wide norms - what habits - big or small - can be implemented to both demonstrate the value schools place on self-directed learning AND provide more time to engage in self-directed learning?
    • How might we put the students in the driving seats of their own learning and design opportunities to teach others?

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