Ask questions without specific answers in mind

Spark ideas in all subject areas as well as to address real classroom challenges.

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Let students know from the first day that we value ideas. Ask questions every day for which we do not have specific answers in mind. Seek ideas across all academic areas as well as to address social and logistics issues.


Science and math - How would you model this concept?

Engineering - What would you design to get this task done?

Math - What other ways could this be solved?

Social studies - What do you want to know more about? How could you find out about that?

Reading and writing - What do you like and dislike about this book? How would you change it? What ideas are you getting for your own writing?

Social - How can we make people feel safe sharing new ideas?

Logistics - How can we come up with space, time, and materials for this project?


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Betty, this is great! I love the idea of taking open ended questions to our classrooms. It makes me wonder what that would look like with faculty. Could we use this same idea we planning faculty meetings for the year? Or while we are working on curriculum? It would be great to flesh this idea out with you!

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It would be great to walk into each meeting or staff development feeling that everyone's ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Perhaps each group needs to have that conversation itself: How do we structure our time together and what practices do we need to put in place to create a culture in which everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas?