A Checklist for Designing Innovation Experiences

This is a checklist educators can use to plan, implement, and iterate experiences that teach innovation.

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Two of the sources from the Discover step were The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande and An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students by Ron Berger.

I propose a mash-up of these two sources resulting in an educator Checklist for Designing Innovation Experiences.

There are a few assumptions associated with this solution:
1) Designing innovative classroom experiences is really complicated (from Mission #3).
2) There are a few key components that result in designing successful innovation experiences (from Berger).
3) A well designed checklist can help ensure that these components are being met (from Gawande).

Check out the checklist here -  A Checklist for Designing Makerspace Experiences

NOTE: My original intent was in the context of Makerspaces, but perhaps the checklist could be iterated during the evolve portion to be more broad?  

Scalability:  Gawande describes the process of scaling his World Health Organization checklist, and I imagine that scaling this checklist would be analogous to their process.  I'd propose piloting in a few schools and validating via student growth as a function of checklist aligned projects.  Since one of the items on the checklist is a public audience for student work, perhaps schools implementing the checklist could share that work with Teachers Guild members.

UPDATE (9/14/15): Added video summary.


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Hi Andrew! Love the idea (I'm biased, of course), and I'm eager to work through a few more prototypes in the "Evolve" phase. If you're interested in teaming up to continue thinking through the idea, I'd warmly welcome your input. Let's work from the original Google Doc to build on our ideas: https://goo.gl/DbNIco. Looking forward to iterating on the idea!

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