Zappos - perhaps we can learn about more than shoes

At Zappos, "the offices are meant to encourage fun and a little weirdness."

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This NYT article describing the culture of Zappos shows one attempt to open the doors to more good ideas - self-management or "holocracy."  While autonomy is a major motivator, the company is struggling with the implementation of holocracy; it seems some people "want a boss."  I wonder if our workforce is so used to being told what to do (does this emerge from our educational system?) that self-management is uncomfortable.

Also, though not the focus of the article, you get a sense of the type of environment that Zappos used to have and is trying to that promotes play.  The physical environment and cultural norms undoubtedly influence what people do - and feel they are supposed to do - at work.

Finally, I am intrigued by Hsieh's move of the company to downtown Las Vegas, partially in an attempt to revive that part of the city.  The public good is clearly a part of what defines success for this company.  This makes me wonder about explicit goals (the bottom line) and broader goals (our responsibility to our communities).  I think that having multiple levels of goals can unlock some good ideas.  Note too, the use of shipping containers in the new office construction.

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Great idea, Kelley! I was intrigued by the Holocracy idea. Talk about a (positive) disruption for schools! Check out this easy to digest article on how Holocracy works:

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