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How can a space contribute to a culture of innovation?

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When I was a senior in college I wrote my thesis on an Orozco mural called "The Epic of American Civilization." Lucky for me, the mural was actually located in the basement of the library where I attended college. For three months I would go down to the basement and sit by the mural daily as I wrote my thesis. I would close my computer sometimes and just pace back and fourth and be with the mural. There was something about being in that space with the work itself that allowed me to really understand it in a different way and allowed me to create and generate new ideas and interpretations. I had a similar experience my Junior year when I went to Florence, Italy to study Renaissance art and spent most of my days either studying works of architecture by entering and exploring the spaces, or paintings by visiting them in galleries.  My take away here is that the space in which we learn, and our surroundings, is crucial to how we learn.  How can teachers and school leaders integrate SPACE into their thinking when defining their school culture? 


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Wow! What a great mural/experience. Has this inspired you in your classroom?

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