"Why I hate school, but love education."

Interesting video from a student's perspective that provokes thought why innovation is needed.

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Emma, as I mentioned we are trying to define/expand the role of "play"; we are also moving toward incorporating student choice to an even greater degree.

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Ben, it is discouraging how even some of my second graders-at that beginning point in their educational journeys- have expressed sentiments not far from those expressed in the video.

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Elin, we've got to move school from distant cousin to nuclear family status! Thanks for sharing this quote!

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I agree, Rebekahnathan, defining "how learning happens" is critical. At my school, we are focusing this year in the lower (elementary) division, on the role of play.

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Student feedback routinely solicited and reflected on - I think that is an excellent suggestion Dan. Last year, for first time, I actually gave my second grade students a survey to complete on Survey Monkey "evaluating" my teaching based on the Gates Foundation MET Project. However, I hadn't made the explicit link in my mind connecting that to establishing a culture of innovation. In creating the survey questions to use this year, I could expand feedback on student ideas of the purpose of education itself, student choice, meaningfulness of assignments etc.

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This has me wondering how might we regularly capture such perspectives from our students and share them ? How might our school cultures include honest expressions and challenging realities as part of the day to day?

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I think this clip really highlights the need for innovation in education in general. In particular because our current systems often don't allow for students to innovate as we place so many narrow rules and restrictions around how learning happens.

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Excellent! I agree with your family tree, "Hard work and education are related, school a distant cousin."

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Great post I believe many students feel the same way. I have often felt that way when talking other courses.
I try hard to make sure my students feel the classes I teach are always worth their time and we need to push that concept more. Every class should be worth a students time and effort and I think we can all agree on that.
What do you think?

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Daria -

This is interesting. What I took away from this video is that basically the student is saying that the definition of education - sitting in classrooms, with assignments - needs to be expanded to better incorporate, recognize and validate real-world learning experiences.

I'm wondering if you could help to make the link between that concept and how you might create a ritual/routine/practice within a traditional school environment that would push on that definition of "education". What would you do to open up this definition within your own school?

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