Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn

Accessible resource about what research has shown about how we learn, including learning complex tasks.

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Check out the book on Amazon here.  It's very fun to read and surprising in many respects, at least to me, (having kiddos independently problem solve can be counterproductive if it's used to learn new content, for example).  Great, short, chapters and summaries. 


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How about invisible learning. Visible learning is great in some matters but it can hide a lot of important things.

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Hi Thomas! What I hear you saying is that there are some intangibles that are not observable. Is that what you're getting at? I immediately think of empathy, for example. I want to make sure I understand what you mean by invisible learning.

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It could be something like that. Actually you can measure the most. If we are to focused on what to learn it will might cause that we "loose" a lot of important learning in our way towards the goals. Is it possible to do visible learning when we talk about innovation? For the structure and process - yes, for the content and all the ideas - no.