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Hi Paula,

Thanks for sharing! I love how this initiative exposes children to experiences they may not otherwise have, exercising their capacity for empathy in the process. How do you see transferring to the broader challenge of creating rituals and routines that establish a culture of innovation in schools? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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I think that we have to stop teaching subjects and focus on concepts - and make it clear that this concepts are connected to life so at school we are learning life. We need to change the perspective of learning, so for example we are teaching the kids to read, write, let's interview a writer and talk about it! Every concept we teach we should connect to a real life experience so the students can see it. This should be a routine in the classroom. We are studying the planets, let's skype with Nasa. The world is full of endless possibilities and we need to make them part of our classroom, they should be normal not an enhancement that happens only sometimes. When we write a great story in my class we publish it and then we have the book in our school library. :-)

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Wow, how cool for your students to have their stories published and live on as a physical artifact in your school's library! I agree, we should be taking advantage of the increased and increasing opportunities afforded us by technology to connect students' lives and learning to a broader context and reduce the disconnect between school and "real" life.

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I truly believe that they need to connect all their learning to life! For Math lessons to learn subtraction they bring money (of course we give the money back and we ask for specific coins and $1, $5 and $10) and we make a little snack market (snack is offered at school) and they have to buy :-) so they must add the juice price, to the fruit and then check if I gave them the correct change :-))))