Useful Feedback, Multiple Drafts

Can rituals around how student work is evaluated support multiple drafts/iterations and more innovative, higher quality work?

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What do we assess and how do we assess it? Evaluation is where the rubber meets the road, where a new ethic of innovation and open-ended learning can either be extended, or undermined. Shifting the focus of evaluation from summative grades to ongoing, substantive feedback that informs further drafts of a product - can be the basis for shifting the culture of a classroom from compliance to a culture of creativity and craftsmanship.

Ron Berger (now at Expeditionary Learning) is a long-time inspiration for me around the power of feedback in helping students to do high quality work. In "An Ethic of Excellence" he describes how to use deliberate feedback and iteration cycles to do consistently high quality work. Here's a short video where he talks with elementary kids about the process, and tells the story of one of his students' attempts to draw a realistic butterfly. 


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I LOVE this clip! It's so inspirational. This is an awesome inspiration that I can see being developed into an idea in the (current) ideate phase. You should definitely contribute an idea. Let me know if you have any questions or need a sounding board!

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@Jessica Lura - Thanks for the encouragement! I went to the Ideate section and there are already some great ideas there in line with what I would write, so I just added some comments to those.