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With the use of the cloud you will always be able to have everything by hand which you made in the past.

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In my opinion one of the most important things to make innovation a succes within your whole school is to use the cloud.

When I started working at my school (I am a high school teacher) all exercises and lessons were not shared in a cloud. This made me search for ages to find all the stuff I needed (and I had create a lot myself because a lot was lost). I suggested to use a cloud system like dropbox to make sure all my colleagues who are teaching the same subject all had acces to the same exercises and lessons. This created the ability to give feedback on what your colleague made and just it so that your colleague is able to use your suggestions right away in his lessons.

So for you all who don't use the cloud I suggest to do so while it is way more easy to develop you curriculum together.

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I totally agree with you!

With my subject social science I have one big assignment in six weeks. Last your I faced the problem that students start to work only one or two weeks before the end of the year. This made me think about changing the content assignment and try to give the students more feedback.

Next year I will let my students work in iCloud in which I can monitor the progress at any time a day. Moreover I will be able to give feedback right away. In addition, I will let the students create their own plan in the first lesson. According to this plan I can monitor if they make the progress they planned to and I will be able to help when I see they are not able to make any progress/enough progress.

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