Tricks For Reaping the Benefits of Change

Best practices about how to facilitate change by leading at all levels, making change matter, and building the muscle to adapt regularly.

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Check out this article about how managers outside of education think about change management and begin to shift their organizations towards a change centric culture. This makes me think, what elements can be effective in our own classrooms and schools?

Their tips include..

1. LEAD AT ALL LEVELS -- that means role modeling a change centric culture, engaging employees, and and empowering new internal change leaders. 

2. MAKE CHANGE MATTER -- show evidence about how change is making a difference, and actually making it a priority. 

3. BUILD THE MUSCLE -- The accelerating pace of disruption is accompanied by difficulties to keep up with shortage of resources, process changes, and IT. So, how do we invest, prepare, and create practices that keep up with this change. 


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