Tony Wagner's Book a Great Resource for Encouraging Innovation

"Creating Innovators; the Making of Young People Who Will Change the World " by Tony Wagner is a great resource for encouraging innovation.

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Tony Wagner's work is a great resource for encouraging innovation in students and educators. The book centers around the idea that play, passion, and purpose can drive educational structures to guide students toward more meaningful innovation.  He suggests, through anecdotes of innovative people, that students should be given more time in unstructured play. They should be introduced to experiences that encourage them to find their passions. From there, young people can possibly determine their purpose. There are ideas for educators on how to incorporate these ideas in their practice. A great read!

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Hi Dea, How are you? I LOVE this book and think you are onto a great idea here. I especially like the idea of giving students more unstructured play to pursue their passions. We would love for you to share it in the ideate phase.

A couple of questions that might help frame out this idea:
What’s this idea about?
Why is this an idea that creates a culture of innovation?
How would you pitch this to other teachers in your school? Your principal?
How’d you get this idea off the ground?

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to talk the idea out in more detail!

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