Time - our most valuable resource

To innovate effectively, teachersneed the time to experiment, discuss and plan effectively together.

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In my experience, new initiatives have worked best when I have had time to discuss the objectives with my peers, develop resourceswhich they have then been able to observe in the classroom. They have then reflected and implemented their own version of the topic. We then followed up with a final meeting to review what workedwell andwhat we could do to improve further.

Different approaches can work: having a member of staff off timetable for part (or all) of the timetable to work asa technology coach; building sufficient non-contact time or cover into a timetable to allow for this level of flexibiity or buyng in additional expertise - either to provide cover or deliver training and model lessons.

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I completely agree about working with peers & observation time. It would be great if you could flesh out one of your ideas as an ideate post (since you obviously have some expertise in implementing the ideas).