The World Needs More Kid Made Things

What if kids could solve real problems using the web - they can!!!

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I was lucky enough to attend the Google Teacher Academy in 2011 in Sydney Australia, where my mind was opened up to the possibilities that existed for teachers using technology.  This encouraged me to do more digging about brain research and behavior research and made me hungry to share everything I was discovering.  That initial inspiration led to many things, one of which I had the great fortune to share recently at TEDx Portland, where the theme was: Tomorrows.  The attached video is from that talk and tells the story.

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How can we develop an online collaboration lab/workshop for kids & parents to research, develop and expand on solutions together. (Not teachers only) How do we develop a space where the parents of the world can learn to how nurture the children of the world, through character development, so that we all may improve lives and contribute to a better global society?

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