The strong correlation between fair leadership and inspiring change

If staff doesn't see administration as "fair", will they be willing to take the risks necessary for an innovative culture?

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The Guardian online - "The strong correlation between fair leadership and inspiring change"

Journal for Business Ethics research findings show a link between perceived fairness and a willingness to change.


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Hi Adina, welcome! We are so happy to go through this experience with you! I was just thinking about the idea of trust and respect in regards to innovation in schools. IMO, it is a huge component of whether teachers feel safe to take risks and learn from failures.

I found this short article interesting and I think highlights some of the same points as your article about fair leadership.

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That's an excellent companion article. With the increasingly heavy and sometimes heavy-handed push for standards and testing compliance, we have made it less and less safe for teachers to do anything except follow along in lock step. We've crushed innovative thinking from students and teachers. It's starting to change, but that change is incredibly slow.