The slipper only fits Cinderella

How might we create apps that are made for schools not used as an after thought for education?

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On a Twitter chat recently I got into a discussion with an indie app builder and other educators about education technology. The the general feeling is that technology is created with the world as whole as the audience and then schools as an after thought. I am in a very tech advanced district and the support from apps, and other tech companies come from a pretty shallow pool. How might we as educators make the market more inviting for greater competition? (Is the article one the indie app builder game us to talk about why we are necessarily seeing the perfect fit.) 

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I actually think that there are quite a few people and companies trying to design edtech right now. (Perhaps it's because I live in Silicon Valley). And I know even more people who are interested in entering the arena, because it's an area they are super passionate about. I'd wonder more about how we get more teachers in conversation with these edtech entrepreneurs to make sure that the apps they do create are something that you actually need and want. How might we better connect teachers to edupreneurs?