The ritual of play

Innovation is possible by creating a ritual of play in the classroom.

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Look at game design as a way to create innovation in many areas. fundamentals.pdf

The element of play is something that is important in art and design.

About the relationship of art and play

The challenge becomes how to create a classroom where students have some basic skills in order to feel comfortable enough to play. How do you teach those skills and not lose sight of the ultimate goal -innovation?


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This is a great idea! You should definitely add it to the ideate stage. There are a couple of ideas that try to increase play in the classroom (such as ) but I'd love to see how you structure play and game-based learning. Add your thoughts to an existing idea or contribute your own. There's even a tips & strategies for ideating video ( ) that could be helpful.

I can't wait to see what you add!

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Love the connection between play and innovation. It really relates to what a couple of other teachers have been talking about making time for unstructured time.

Actually - might be fun for you to connect with: Jeremy - who added this post:

One of the things this article calls out is "structuring time for unstructured time"

I could see you guys teaming up to think about routines/rituals that promote play in schools when the Ideate phase begins next week.

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Thanks for the suggestion, just took a look at Jeremy's post and the link. And the second point - creating structure for unstructured time is spot on.

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Nice! Glad you took a look. It could be fun to think about teaming up with some teachers who had similar thoughts to you when we move to the IDEATE phase in a couple of days!