The Power of Giving it a Try

A traffic jam is caused by a fallen tree. Everyone is complaining. A school boy (on his way to school) decides to move the tree by himself.

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I shared this video before in another IDEO (How we might inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence). 

This video translates a lot of my beliefs. We don't have to wait for others to make things happen and our actions can be contagious in a wonderful positive way. Teams express our ability to act together, but ultimately teams need inspiration and leadership - and it can come from anyone. I encourage the children in my classroom to take both roles: to lead, when they have an idea; but also to recognize others' good ideas, and join them.  

I show this video at my first PTC of the year and I explain that education is changing and that the students also guide the curriculum with me. It is not a passive classroom, they can take the lead. I teach 5/6 years old and I had last year Sophie explaining to her colleagues how to write a story, Husdon explained time and so on. Swapping roles!


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In addition to the 2 previously mentioned videos which definitely show the importance of leadership and followers, this reminds me of this video: We need to get students thinking for themselves, problem solving, and sharing ideas and solutions.

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