The Learning Pit

"Every time we fail we learn something that will help us succeed" -4th grader who discussed what the Learning Pit meant to him.

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Failure should be valued in classroom and school communities. It teaches that them that great successes come from hard work and thinking through tough problems. Students in my current class, which focuses on design challenges, were exposed to the "Learning Pit" video and it was inspiring to see how their mindsets and language changed as a result.  So often I now hear students make comments such as, "I think I'm getting into the learning pit." "I need to rethink this, I'm in the pit." "I got it! I'm out of the pit!" They persevere through tough problems and help encourage one another when they see others getting discouraged or stuck. I hope to continue to share this video and growth mindset with my incoming students this fall. I encourage all other educators to do the same! 


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Hi Aloura, how are you? I think you are onto a great idea here and we would love for you to share it in the ideate phase.

A couple of questions that might help frame out this idea:
What’s this idea about?
Why is this an idea that creates a culture of innovation?
How would you pitch this to other teachers in your school? Your principal?
How’d you get this idea off the ground?

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to talk the idea out in more detail!

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