The Iceberg Illusion

Can defining success help us establish a culture of innovation?

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Our students are growing up in a world where social media promotes the instant gratification of a response to every thought that we put out there.  I'm curious how this is affecting our students ability to self-asses and problem solve on their path to success.  How do our students perceive/define success?    

I have been inspired by a few posts that are encouraging and promoting the character traits that need to exist below the surface that lead to success.      @sylviaduckworth #sketchnoting

Come September I plan on asking my 5th graders what leads to success?  Perhaps we will create a poster that we can compare.  

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I love this poster idea. Have you ever heard of the duck metaphor? Ducks always look calm and cool on the surface - but underneath the water, they're pumping those legs away. I think students may have this fear of looking like they're working too hard - but that's exactly what gets ppl ahead. This also makes me think about redefining failure - what are the soft skills that help students succeed? Think Angela Duckworth's content would be great to draw inspiration from come Ideate - which is only 3 days away!