Tackling "Great Big Problems" with a Fail-Fast Mindset

Check out another perspective on tackling big problems and the power of a culture where everyone expects to fail, quickly.

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Many times when we think of problems in schools, we stop short of shooting for the moon when we try to solve them. We limit ourselves with all of the constraints we imagine we might run into (e.g., time, money, support, PD, etc). What if we took a lesson from the Google X team and aimed high, extremely high, when trying to envision new solutions and put our time and effort into creating low-res prototypes to test out those ideas? 

What might happen if we all agreed that it was okay if we went big and it didn't work out? Imagine how many more ideas we might have to choose from ... 

I wonder what we would learn from one another in aiming for the moon when tackling education's great big problems? 


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Hi Margaret! It's great to meet! And love this optimism of what becomes possible when we shoot for the moon. This seems to build on Jess Lura's post on growth mindset. Thanks for coaching!


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Thanks Molly and it's great to meet you too! I'll check out Jess' post - I'm excited to see how we can build off of our ideas.

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