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Students can be the leaders of innovation in your school if you empower them. At our high school, while we wait for our Design Lab to be built (in two years time) a group of students are piloting engineering and design projects. We are giving them space (a corner of my art classroom), credit (an independent study elective credit) and time (they have to fit it into their free periods because they are getting credit.) Student groups are building a go cart, investigating the intersection of art and technology, and doing something with sustainability-projects they are choosing. We will help with documenting them, guide and connect students to resources and finally showcase them at the end. We are hoping that their enthusiasm and projects will organically excite others in our community(students, teachers, admin and parents) and build the culture of making and innovation at our school.

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This is awesome to read! It is amazing to see what happens when we step back and hand over control to the students, especially around design and making. I feel like some of the best lessons I've taught are ones when actually I haven't done much teaching at all!

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