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Build student choice into your schedule.

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How might we build student choice into our classroom/school routines? So often, students are told what classes to take. Even worse, some students aren't allowed to have a choice in their schedules because they are a second language learner or they need intervention.

I believe all students should be able to choose to learn about what interests them. Every day.

Consider building in student choice into your school schedule by creating a time of the day where students are offered time to choose classes or topics they can study. When students have these experiences they have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and discover what their "element" might be. 

At my school we have three different times throughout the week where student choice is honored:

1. Explore Classes- Classes that are short in duration that allow provide students opportunities to dabble in a STEAM related experience.

2. Element Classes- These classes are longer in duration and allow students time to dive deeply into a STEAM related concept. 

3. Genius Hour- A time out of the week where students are able to study/research/create about a topic of their choosing.


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Hi, Jo-ann. I'm new to Teacher's guild and just happened to fortuitously land on this page. After teaching for almost two decades, I woke up one day and said to myself, "If no student learns, is learning really taking place." (shamelessly ripped off from "tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it"-lol) So, I have been working with Genius hour this year for the first time and giving the kids power to "run the joint". It is incredible what students can do when we just allow them to take the ball and run. I am just waking up to this new reality and totally agree with choice being key.

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