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use a creative exercise/problem to start each class or day

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there are many puzzles, games, problems which require collaborative/creative thinking and are a way to start each day or each class period. i have use these over the years and find students soon expect these. when well planned add to the creative thinking of the whole class over the course or year.


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How do you start your day encouraging creative thinking? Provide a variety of activities which help students begin creating some product. For example show a picture and allow students (alone or in groups) to write an original story based on the picture. I use illusions found on Google Images for such starters. Another example is to provide various household materials (foil, tape, scissors, napkins, etc) along with art supplies and again in groups or alone create a visual illustration of a concept we will be studying that day.

To pitch this to other teacher I simply invited them into a space where we practice such activities, then begin to brainstorm how we can use these and other activities to establish a culture of creativity in the classroom. In our case we were consulting with a school district so we had teachers and principals in our seminars and though at first they were reluctant we encouraged them to try it, and by the end of the seminar they saw the value and were willing to think about implementing in their schools.

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