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Chris Hardwick's career trajectory, passion, process & tribe building may offer insights

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As a longtime listener of Hardwick's very much NSFW podcast, Nerdist, I often find his conversations around process, artistic expression, relationship between creator and audience, and value of finding likemindedness inspiring.  

His book published in 2011, The Nerdist Way, provides some insight into the mindsets around the effectiveness of his work, about how rituals and routines enable him, as well as others to succeed.  


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Hi Dan,

I was not familiar with Chris Hardwick until I read your post. Then I googled and rambled around the web. I liked this 5 minute video he did on the process of creation on You Tube:
I especially liked:
*There are no excuses anymore.
*The worst thing that can happen is you do it, it doesn't work, and you learn something from the doing.

Thank you! I have a new comedy show to add to our weekend watching. :)

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Having watched Nerdist, now Nerdist Industries, evolve in the public eye and to hear Hardwick and his co-conspirators talk about it so transparently -- both the ups and the downs of it all -- has been truly inspiring to me as a classroom teacher trying to make bigger ideas happen .

I love whenever he talks about "making a thing." And that's just it. We just need to create more of those things we think about and talk about out but fail to act upon.

One can never fail up if one never fails, because one never tried.

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