Rituals and Routines

Talk about rituals and routines go to any Waldorf School and they have them in spades.

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Waldorf Education equals the gift of learning https://youtu.be/0MDSYxFpqxs Take in another Waldorf School in Philadelphia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoW0pCIG-FM  Routine begins each morning with rhythms spoken, rhythms sung.  It's the natural world that's important.  It's beginning slowly, not fast.  It's taking the computer tool and placing it into a child's life at an older age, not at the beginning of one's schooling.  Take waldorf school silicon valley https://youtu.be/pX4t4MgY3Zk and another in Bend, OR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGC4WBDEVrE These schools, all over the world, in the hundreds in the US, and thousands worldwide in 60 countries can tell their own story by watching these and other videos on youtube.  

Before I gave birth to my daughter in 1986, and even today, I am a public school advocate, an advocate for having a full range of teacher's ages and also unions, which leaves charter schools out.  When I had to make a decision of where my own daughter would be educated, I choose a Waldorf schooling for her K - 12 for all the reasons shown in these documentaries.  Then in 1992 - 94 when my daughter was in first and second grades I took a leave of absence from my school district and moved to Eugene, OR where I took coursework to become a Waldorf teacher myself.  As it turned out, I stayed in public school, and brought back with me knowledge and ideas from my Waldorf lessons into my own elementary school teaching experience since then, and continuing.  

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I love waldorf schools! They are a great model for us.