Redesign the Classroom to Create Learning and Working Spaces

An Edutopia article gives ideas on how to redesign a classroom with student input, to create new spaces.

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This Edutopia article details a process for redesigning a classroom to create spaces for learning and collaborating.  The key is that students are involved in the entire process, rather than the teacher working in isolation over the summer.  In this way, the students get to be innovative in the creation of spaces where they can continue to innovate through the school year!


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I agree, in order for kids to work collaboratively and have access to materials we do need to think about the way we design our classrooms. A few years ago I got rid of the desks in my fifth grade class and asked my principals for tables. This led to more students talking and working together. Because the tables were not assigned seating I was able to have flexible grouping for different subjects and projects. The supplies in the middle of the table belonged to all students. The tables allowed for more floor space and students who wanted to work on the floor were welcome to do so. It also made it easy for me to join a group to conference during Literature Circles or PBL time as the kids working together had a place to be together.

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