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“The person working hardest in the room is the only person learning.” (Robyn Jackson)

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I am inspired by the thinking of people like Ewen MacIntosh,Gever Tulley, the Third Teacher design team and educators like Robyn Jackson .  As educators we are tasked with changing the culture of our schools and classrooms while we are teaching.  We need growth mindsets ourselves and the ability to foster growth mindsets with in our sphere of influence in order to create an educational system which re-invents itself for each learner, both adult and child.  Moving from answer finders (Googlers) to collaborative, divergent, creative thinkers within the bricks and mortar we are given.  Can the ideas of Problem Finders and Design thinkers help us to create cultures of innovation within our schools?

"We should stop thinking of education as something we do to people and start thinking of people as voracious, self-directed learners." (Gever Tulley Ted Talk 2010)

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This is a great post. Thanks for sharing Jane. I think this theme of "self-direction" is such a critical one.

You might like connecting with Jim Lerman. He wrote this post:

And basically your discoveries bring up this question or me about the routines that we might establish within schools that actually enable that shift toward personalization. How does it happen? What's the first step? What's the last step? How do you know where you are on the journey?