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Let's synthesize great models, ideas, & research to create a map for educators to follow as they co-create learning with students.

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Dear Teachers Guild friends,

I am taking a practical (not pretty) approach to this “Discover” post. Like many of the TG collaborators, I am influenced and inspired by many great thinkers, innovative ideas, and convincing research. We would all agree that educators and their partners need to create a culture of learning and innovation that puts students in the “driver’s seat” (to paraphrase just one of these inspiring thinkers, Chris Watkins). I am currently in the thick of trying to develop a course that puts many of the ideas, theories, and research into action. What I am seeking is a practical, impactful framework (road map?) for “co-creating” a learning/course experience with my students for a Social Justice I am teaching this Fall; yet ideally, I would love for this model to be scaleable so that others can use it as a template to learn or teach any subject.

The problem? There are many good ideas, theories, methods, inspirations, but no ONE works for me to use as our road map to follow as my students and I work to co-create a course/learning experience. How can I distill all that is good out there into a practical framework for my course?

The models/ideas? Here are some of the many out there (and I’d love for collaborators to suggest others):

The plea? Please help me synthesize all of the great possibilities that make up this list into the “must have” ideas/elements so that we can build a practical but elegant (okay, so I want pretty too!) framework for educators to use as they co-create learning experiences with their students.

Thanks for considering this!



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Great post! Bring your "not pretty" contribution to the ideate phase so that we continue the conversation and think about how to possibly prototype the idea or contribute on others.

There's even a “tips & strategies for ideating” recording ( ) that could be helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or need a sounding board. Can't wait to see what you post!

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