Not a Stick

How can we think outside of normalcy to see the possibilities?

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Antoinette Portis' picture book Not A Stick is one of my favorite books (along Not a Box). What can you think of, what problems can you solve, when you are not limited by conventions and expectations? Do you only see a stick or is it a sword or a fishing pole?

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Just throwing this out there but this gives me an idea ... I feel like a fun exercise to do with students could be to give them a mundane object and ask them to imagine 100 different things it could be used to represent or be used for (functionally). This simple exercise of getting kids to think outside of conventional norms, to "re-imagine the stick" could help cultivate a more innovative culture.

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I think that's a great idea. When I was in school, I did OM (Odyssey of the Mind) and those were the kinds of challenges we used to practice. I hadn't thought of that in years--will have to try with students :)

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