NORMS of Collaboration

At Riverdale's lower school, we collaborate around 7 NORMS.

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Every week, at grade level check in meetings, we begin by looking at a shared Google doc with the meetings agenda. The first thing one sees upon opening the doc are our norms of collaboration. These norms establish a routine of how we interact with each other not only during grade level meetings but as an entire lower school division. These norms are specific to our needs as a division. Enjoy!


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These are a fantastic collection. Is it okay if I use these with students next year?

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For sure! Might I suggest seeking feedback from your students about the norms? How do they feel? Does the wording work? You could even use the protocol "I like, I wish, What if" to refine and make the norms your own.

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We have always used "I like, I wonder" in my classroom. These feel much more proactive.