No Future Left Behind

YouTube video created by middle school students to explain the future to educational professionals.

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"The future asked me to come, you can come too!"

Middle school students share their thoughts about the future of education and of their lives.  The lessons we can take from this video, in terms of creating opportunities for innovation, include providing the freedom for all (truly ALL) to teach and learn, allowing teachers and students to follow interests rather than scripts, and "upgrading" from passively receiving information to active creation throughout our classes and schools.  We can begin by explicitly communicating to students, teachers, parents, principals, and district staff that "we can't create [their] future with the tools of [our] past."


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Thanks for sharing this video; it has me wondering how might we make such videos regular practice and regularly displayed/published by our schools? How might the regular presence of new videos featuring new interviews become a part of the regular culture & spur innovation?

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