Model Openness and Carve Time Out

Need to be open to new and different ideas as well as purposefully making time to talk about/explore ideas.

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I think that one of the first places to start would be to make time during the week (carve out time in schedule) where you provide students with opportunities to build trust and openness among the group. This can be structured at first and then loosen up to be more organic as students feel comfortable and become more open about expressing their ideas and working on their ideas. With a scheduled time each week and the use of the gradual release of responsibility model I think the students will become more comfortable innovating with respect to context and content.

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I develop trust and openness with my students by talking about my mistakes as I make them in class. I tell them past stories but I also point out my mistakes and ask them to help point them out as well. I make it about the learning, about what it takes to reach success. I model it a lot and I point out what I do after I realize that what I have done is wrong. They need to see the messy parts that come with the good stuff at the end when you have accomplished something that you are proud of. They rarely believe my philoshophy at first but after a month or two they see me model it and they see my reaction to their work and the feedback I provide them with. Once they realize that I am there to help them be the best they can be they start taking risks by talking about their ideas and iterating. It is wonderful to see and to be a part of.

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