Lessons in Creativity from the Business of Innovation

Sticky Wisdom breaks creativity down into six practical behaviors for highly creative and high-performing TEAMS.

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There's a tremendous amount to be learned in the practice of "innovation" from the business world! ?What If! transforms your ability to work creatively within a TEAM. Sticky Wisdom breaks creativity into six practical behaviors: freshness, greenhousing, realness, momentum, signalling, and courage. It isn't about the "process" of innovation, but it is about how to behave when doing the work of innovation. One of the simplest and most profound changes for me was around what KILLS creativity in an organization or a team. When you think about the rituals and routines, simple practices like, taking "BUT..." out of the conversation and challenging our students to respond to creative ideas with "Yes, AND..." 


You can easily follow the techniques for being more creative. They are:

1. Freshness: the quality of the initial stimulus has a direct bearing on how good the final ideas are. (River jumping exercises here include re-expression, looking at related worlds, revolution via challenging assumptions, and making random links)*

2. Greenhousing: young ideas need protection when they are at their most vulnerable. (SUN = Suspend judgement + Understand + Nurture, RAIN = React + Assume + Insist – this will kill most ideas immediately)

3. Realness: once you stop talking and start doing you can make real progress. (Bring the idea to life very early rather than keep talking about it)

4. Momentum: you need to dismantle barriers and generate ‘unreasonable urgency’. (Seek alignment, create crisis, say no to distractions)

5. Signalling: an enabling characteristic that strengthens and sustains ideas. (Navigate between the analytical and creative world, Tune in + Choose to act + Propose a response)

6. Courage: overcoming mediocrity and being brave. (Show your struggle, stretch your comfort zone, get convicted)

Read Sticky Wisdom! Lots of lessons for the classroom!


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