Learning: How the Brain Learns

Free download: A160pp multimedia resource looking at the challenge of improving how we build learning capability in our learners.

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‘Learning- How the Brain Learns: http://www.marktreadwell.com/free_download -

The resource deals with the application of how the brain learns from a neuroscience perspective and how we may leverage this emerging understanding to create a more efficient learning experience for learners of any age. 

The question that prompted this 10 year research journey was simple enough -

"Why is it that driving a car; (one of the most complex cognitive learning tasks we ever undertake), can be completed in about 50 hours with everyone enjoying almost the same level of success, regardless of how intelligent schools told us we were . . . and why does learning to read and write - a cognitive minnow in comparison to driving - takes 5000 hours and success here depends on how well you chose your parents?

The resource unpacks an emerging scientific model that provides some possible answers to this question and how we can leverage that to make learning farmer equitable for everyone. The emerging model suggests that the human brain has 4 integrated learning systems and 4 associated memory systems that unique for each of the learning systems. We are the only species with all four integrated learning systems. 

The resource highlights how educators can leverage this emerging model and how we can enable learners to take a far more active role in their own personalised learning journey; learning how to learn.

Feel free to download the resource and pass on the link to others that may find this useful. Any feedback is always appreciated –

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