Leadership is leadership, venue aside

Soft diplomacy is far more effective--coach those in your charge to set and achieve their own goals.

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Despite the article's attention-grabbing title, 7 Hard-earned Lessons in Leading a Dysfunctional Team, the lessons apply to all teams.

Naturally, any team dynamic concept is applicable to the classroom.  Whether one is in school leadership or a classroom teacher, this article outlines more effective approaches to creating a classroom culture of innovation and academic excellence.

Fast Company is a great resource for exploring the beauty of our humanity, our dreams, and our ability to create--this article reminds us of how to organize and encourage individuals and teams to realize great things.  Most of it is common sense, but it is good to be reminded of what is important, especially when developing and/or evaluating team rituals and routines.


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Hey Gregg,

Love that you're finding inspiration from outside of education. This article was really neat.


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