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Genius Hour/20% Time is one of today's best examples of a culture of innovation in a school setting; this is very rich set of resources.

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Many have heard about Google's 20% time, in which employees were afforded 20% of their work time to pursue projects dealing with their own interests. This concept has spread to numerous schools and classrooms in recent years...offering fertile ground for the development of implementation scenarios (persuading administration, teachers, and community) and student/teacher rituals and routines that support promising practices. 

Joy Kirr's Live Binder site gathers an extremely rich collection of resources devoted to all aspects of this approach, including exemplary people active and influential in the movement.

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I absolutely agree! Geniuses hour is becoming the new movement in education. The idea of using students' passion to encourage collaboration, learning and creativity is so powerful! That is what we want from our future employees. Our school is going to start genius hour this year and I am so excited! We will have our students right proposals for their projects and have them help us create rubrics. Also we will schedule meetings to make sure they are on the right track ;-)