InGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity, by Tina Seelig

Seelig offers a very useful conceptualization of the 6 moving parts that must combine effectively for a culture of innovation to flourish.

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From a review by Alberto S. on Amazon:

"I've just finished reading Tina Seelig's "InGenius" and the best compliment I can pay it is that it has changed me, "supercharged" me and provided me with inspiration, motivation and - best of all - it has helped me find creative answers to specific innovation challenges I had been working on for some time.

"Her model of the Innovation Engine with its six components (culture, attitude, imagination, resources, knowledge, habitat) is brilliant. When you think of the process of innovation in this way, you realize how critical each component is. In a proper engine, each part is necessary but not sufficient - take one small valve or bearing out and the engine grinds to a halt. But in most environments that want to foster innovation and creativity, we often see several components that are inadequate or missing altogether - which explains why so many such efforts are unsuccessful.

"... "InGenius" changed and energized me. I read it over two mornings and, while reading, I found myself taking many notes and furiously writing down ideas. When a book permanently and substantively changes the way you view things - your long-term perspective - while giving you immediately applicable insights, advice and tools, you can't ask for more. "InGenius" is such a book. Highly-recommended. Thank you Tina!"


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These are great Jim. Thanks for sharing! Have you read the rest of the book? Sounds like an interesting way to approach building a culture of innovation.

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