Individual skills/ability

The students need individual skills/ability in order to be innovative

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These issues need to be a part of all work in schools from the very beginning:

Confidence in their own abilities

Accept uncertainty

Dare to fail - and acceptance of others failing

Ethics - distinguish between good and less good initiatives

Inspired by this website in danish -


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I strongly agree :-) The teachers need indeed to change. Stop being controlfreaks and the ones who know how things should be done best. It is to hard to explain for me in a foreign language but in Denmark there is a new agenda of the way we teach and plan the things WITH the students. But it is a long way! Would love if this could be translated or if there is something like it in english.

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I think we need to model great behaviors for our students. Perhaps these skills and abilities need to be fostered not only in the students but the teachers as well.

Building off of this list, What if we dared our peers to 'fail?' Or 'experiment?'

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