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We improvise everyday in our classrooms. Improv Everywhere goes big, funny, & wacky w/it. How does this grow innovative mindsets & culture?

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How do activies that "disrupt" our usual routines impact culture?  Improv, flashmobs....


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I agree. In fact, I often use improv exercises when I notice that the class is in need of a change--be it content, routines, "work," whatever. It also helps to know some students off their pedestals and raise-up those who are a bit reserved and/or hesitant to engage the class as a whole.

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I am a huge fan of Improv Everywhere and believe that wonder and whimsey are important components of innovation. This year our 5th graders paired up with the kindergarten buddies to go through the design thinking process with them to create leprechaun traps to try to catch them on St. Patricks's Day!

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I love Improv Everywhere! Funny...I also posted an improv-related resource!

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Love the idea of using improv to impact culture, e.g. supporting "Yes, and..." thinking!

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Yes and so much more!!

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Ellen! This picture cracks me up! Star Wars is always awesome in my book. I"m also super curious about how improv get's us comfortable with failure. It's like the only space where when you fail, it's funny. How do we get over ourselves, and try new things?

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It's like the whole audience is waiting in anticipation of you failing but in a good way.

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Molly, have you seen the Ghostbusters in the New York Library! Also awesome! I use impov regularly in my classroom. Imagine if we did some of these really wacky Improv Disruptions on Flashlab activities as a school community!

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Activities that "disrupt" our usual routines impact culture because demonstrating our willingness to take risks (including facing failure head on) encourages others to consider doing the same. Someone has to be the lead dog!

p.s. Hi, Ellen! :)

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Hey Kevin! Agreed. Our willingness to take risks (and look silly/be wacky) with our students and as a whole school community is so important.

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Play and humor are so instrumental to learning, improv would be an interesting and perfect fit.