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We improvise everyday in our classrooms. Improv Everywhere goes big, funny, & wacky w/it. How does this grow innovative mindsets & culture?

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How do activies that "disrupt" our usual routines impact culture?  Improv, flashmobs....


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I agree. In fact, I often use improv exercises when I notice that the class is in need of a change--be it content, routines, "work," whatever. It also helps to know some students off their pedestals and raise-up those who are a bit reserved and/or hesitant to engage the class as a whole.

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I am a huge fan of Improv Everywhere and believe that wonder and whimsey are important components of innovation. This year our 5th graders paired up with the kindergarten buddies to go through the design thinking process with them to create leprechaun traps to try to catch them on St. Patricks's Day!

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