"How to change classrooms has to come from teachers." SUPERINTENDENT LINDA CLARK

Can bottom-up efforts from teachers mesh with top-down leadership from their administrators to create an innovative environment?

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Innovation Starts in the Classroom

By Digital Promise


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Hi Paula, how are you? I agree with Jess points about teacher choice and showcasing success. Too often teachers do not self promote. Why shouldn't we? We do amazing things on a daily basis! We would love to see you frame this out in the ideate phase.

A couple of questions that might help:
What’s this idea about?
Why is this an idea that creates a culture of innovation?
How would you pitch this to other teachers in your school? Your principal?
How’d you get this idea off the ground?

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to talk the idea out in more detail!

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interesting article! There are a couple of things that struck me including teacher choice and showcasing success. It would be interesting to see how this idea couples with what the Tech is doing to showcase innovation (Molly McMahon's earlier idea).

Another thought is how can we encourage teachers to also showcase themselves--so often the teachers doing amazing work don't brag about it and so it goes unnoticed.

From the article: "At the district’s annual Tech Expo, teachers can demonstrate instructional technology approaches, show off students’ work, and demonstrate new tools. In order to receive an internal grant for technology, teachers must attend the expo."

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I have just done some PBL work in Linda's district. She is an innovative leader. We could learn a lot from her.

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