How can we make school like this for students & teachers?

Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap is a great example of embracing failure (and excitement)!

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Why can't all schools  inspire such excitement and embracement of failure in its students and educators?


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I love his enthusiasm and the way he inserts little teaching moments throughout the video. One thing I have discovered that holds teachers (and older students) back from this type of failure and exploration is they simply haven't experienced it in so long (or possibly ever, depending on their schooling background). I wonder if there's a way to guarantee that it becomes part of every school year and maybe even ever teacher education program?

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Honestly, I think that it ties into your earlier comments about inviting teachers/adults to a children's museum to feel like kids again. Whether it's hands-on making or improv, teachers need to be reminded. The one time I hear teachers talking about "oh, I am not ___" and then "I can't believe that I could ______" is during tinkering type workshops/sessions. And those are people who signed up themselves (or had their school pressure them into attending) and actually showed up and participated.

I think that there is a huge need for teacher education programs to get onboard so that wide-spread change has a possibility of happening.

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