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We need to think beyond what school means.

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This is a link to an article about using the Flipped Classroom and using Design Thinking when in class. It also makes me think of creating an Innovators Mindset from George Curous. http://www.nais.org/Independent-Ideas/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=426&_cldee=bWdydWJiQHN0YW5sZXljbGFyay5vcmc%3d


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I think the biggest thing we can do with this is work with community partners. We do Service Learning, but a lot of that is just collecting items. We need to have Ss go out and do more than twice a year. That way, we can link community, local history, local issues, global issues, etc.

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I've been thinking about this a bit and wonder how we can move the idea into the "Ideate" phase and work on a prototype. How might we design some kind of flipped exercise that builds on design principles? What sorts of cultural/community practices can we build that support thinking with an innovation mindset? Let's think on some ideas and build them up in our next phase!

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Thanks Ellen. I think that is something we have to keep in mind a lot. Whether our students are overbooked or living from place to place, they each bring a different perspective.

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Thanks for sharing this great sketch! Love the teacher in students' shoes! :)

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Great to see you here, George! And thanks for sharing this fantastic sketch and article! Love the idea of the "innovator's mindset," and I'm reminded of a similar idea by Tom Vander Ark: innovator mindset = growth mindset + maker mindset.