Grit - Creating determination to learn (or re-learn) ANYTHING

To establish a culture of innovation in our schools, persistent practice is necessary to learn new rituals (and unlearn old ones).

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The Backwards Brain Bicycle experiment presented by the folks at SmarterEveryDay had a profound impact on me.  Is it really that challenging to ride a backwards bicycle?  Can one actually FORGET how to ride a normal bicycle?  It was compelling to see that a rigid way of thinking (riding a normal bike) could prohibit one from learning a new skill (riding a backwards) bike.  Only through months of dedicated, routine practice, can one "unlearn" the rigid way of thinking to make way for the new idea or skill.

The ideas for rituals and routines that will establish a culture of innovation in our schools will only be learned through dedicated, routine practice - with grit and determination.  Through persistence, we might be able to "unlearn" roadblocks to innovation in our schools!


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Hi Jared, wanted to let you know that your "backwards bicycle" contribution (as we call it now), was a popular topic of discussion earlier this week during our Interpret workshop! We used it to help frame some of the Missions (aka opportunity areas) for the Ideate phase. We'd love to have you continue your thinking in the Ideate phase and contribute an idea or ideas. Hope to see you there.

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