Genius Hour, 20Time, Passion Projects...

Regardless of what you call it, giving students the freedom to pursue their passions during the school day sparks innovation and creativity!

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Doesn't the York School 20Time video make you excited about the ideas and passions that our students have? My students produced similar resuts when given the option to pursue a passion or idea. Giving students the opporunity to tap into their passions at school is not only motivating but establishes a culture of innovation that cannot be taught.


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I dig this thinking so very much -- experimented with Genius Hour and 20% Time on several occasions now and haven't been able to make it stick. It looks like you have!

Would love to see you share the story of your success over in our ideate phase this week. Based on your slideshow, I get the impression your particular spin on things would be scaleable to others.

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Love this. A couple other ppl mentioned 20% time too. The principle underlying 20% time is basically just creating room for open exploration. How might we normalize autonomy - and not control - in classrooms? For students and teachers?

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Agreed; great post, Kimberly! Imagine if we as teachers also had our own 20% time projects to invest in with our other colleagues. How does this kind of creative work help shape our communities? So much value!