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Better terminology, please-- "failure" is not what we're talking about.

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The dictionary definition points to a problem with our use of the word "failure". The word is clearly negative, whereas experimentation followed by reflection and adaptation are worthy accomplishments that are foundational to innovation. If we call these efforts "failure" we hold a binary right/wrong way of thinking-- maintaining the idea that a thing either works or doesn't. I offer that there are many other options, such as: It (the idea) doesn't work yet

To support a culture of innovation and risk taking in our district we must allow reasonable error, and ask that those who err (all of us) engage in reflection with our mentors and colleagues, integrate our new understanding and move forward. Let's please leave behind the idea that a reasonable effort at solving a problem (innovation) is either correct or a failure. 


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Yes! Isn't the point that we *all* continue to learn? The overt or implied use of "failure" pretty much ends the process immediately. The use of "yet" leaves the door open for so much more.

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